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Small Peristaltic Pumps

Small Peristaltic Pumps

Small peristaltic pumps have a design that supports accurate and low-maintenance operations for special applications. These pumps perform well because they have certain features and tools to handle the intended viscous fluids, solid chemical compositions, and variable particulates. The most miniature peristaltic pump system has a flow range of between 1ml and 320ml per minute for different project demands.

Traits of the small peristaltic pump

  • Generally, the pump has three major parts: the hose, drive, pump head, and a small inner diameter that determines the fluid’s flow rate. It has a shallow maintenance flow and can run for longer because it stays sterile and smooth easily. The following are significant benefits of the small peristaltic pump:
  • High precision with excellent accuracy and stability
  • An ideal tool with solid materials to contain solid and aggressive fluids
  • A simple maintenance process because it does not have seals and valves that you have to maintain on a regular
  • It has a two-traffic flowing capacity that transports different fluids to prevent corrosion and transport a variety of properties through the hose.

A deeper look into the working of the peristaltic pump

Our range of small pumps does not need running fluids at all times because they can run dry without incurring any repair or breakdown costs. These systems will have a robust self-priming process that allows many different liquids and gases to pass through without triggering the tear and wear action.

An accompanying high suction by the hose allows for more water to flow while resisting abrasion and preventing sludge from collecting within the pipes. Our small pumps have a reversible pumping action that efficiently clears blockages and prevents the internal backflow that compromises the entire direction of the flow.

Main applications of the small peristaltic pump

Medical lab

The pump has enhanced accuracy to distribute small amounts of fluids and allow better development of the fluids through the tube. This case means you can use the small tube to deliver color samples, transport alkaline or acidic solutions, and allow chromatography through the entire process.

Food processing industry

The pump system has fine engineering to transport fine particles and prevent the need for sterilization and cleaning. Some standard food application processes are yogurts, juices, syrups, and flavorings.

Medical industry

The pump system has a clean and neat inner environment to make the tube a stable medium for different products and occasions. The most common medical application of the small peristaltic pump is to transport ph-sensitive fluids, nutrients, and cosmetic ingredients to different stages of the manufacturing process.

Common industry applications

The APT Instrument pump has a continuous fluid transmission delivery that solves many issues in the general field. You should be able to find good use of the small pumps for typical everyday situations like laundry chemicals, ink printing, and lubricating situations.

Do you have any questions about our OEM style peristaltic pump kits? Leave us a message online, and we will get back to you for a personalized consultation.

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