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Heavy Duty Timer

Why You Need A Heavy Duty Timer For Your Home

As the world evolves, technology continues to advance, and this has brought a lot of change especially on the home front. Home appliances were a welcomed guest, and they have continued to serve vital roles in homely activities. However, when the timers came, it was another ball game entirely.

Timers have also evolved over the years. The average egg timers were the rudimentary and pioneer models. However, the heavy duty timer came into existence and set the simple egg timer back almost placing it in extinction. You might then ask the question, what is the fuss about these timers?

Heavy Duty Timers

As the word ‘heavy duty’ implies, these timers work on a larger scale compared to other regular timing machines. These timers can automate your home and all its appliances, both indoor and outdoor.

A heavy duty timer can either be mechanical or digital and can be set to a schedule. They can be programmed to work twenty-four (24) hours a day; some can be set for lesser hours depending on the appliance attached to it.

Therefore, why are these timers relevant to your home?

The Important Use of Heavy Duty Timers in the Home

There are some things timers can be used for, and all these can be summed up into these critical sections, which are;

Energy Conservation

If you are a strong supporter of ‘going green,’ you can make your contribution to the green initiative by installing you home time switch. This might seem odd, however, connecting these timers to your lights (indoors and outdoors), and other energy-heavy appliances in your home, such as the heater and air conditioning can go a long way in conserving energy.

Anti-theft Precautions

You can never be too sure your home is completely safe when you decide to take that vacation. You might have set the alarm, however having a heavy duty timer (vacation timer) will do more than you can imagine. These type of timers cannot be set, they turn on the lights in your home at intervals, giving the impression that someone is at home. Also, if you had left any of the appliances on, you could easily schedule your timer to switch them off while you are away.

Daily Activity Aid

Some chores around the home could easily be ignored especially when you have the programmed timer at your disposal. Little things like turning on the sprinklers can be achieved with a time switch attached to the sprinkler system. All you have to do is set the timer to a schedule and all that is done for you without my hassle. This is also important for periods when you would be away; you do not want your green and lush lawn drying up.

A lot of other things could be achieved with a heavy duty timer, however, these are important aspects that touch the other sections. Timers are evolving and better ones are yet to be developed, it would be wise to automate your home with a timer.

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I formed PSI to provide a better, more polished product for our customers in the power and petrochemical industries. To provide “old school” service that was based upon a handshake, and where a service company does just that, provide service. Not only provide service, but provide only the best service, with spot-on pricing, punctuality, professionalism and utilizes a “service with a smile” approach. The company, much like myself has modest roots, remains humble in its demeanor and yet is very driven to succeed and be the very best at what we do.

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Mike Bosse

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Mike has been working in the petrochemical industry since he was 19 and has developed quite a few specialty skills over the years. Mike’s certified in multiple PSI service lines such as Isolation/Hydros and torqueing and on-stream leak sealing.

“Bosse” as we refer to him, is another part of our very talented and exciting MT crews. Committed, caring and very personable, Mike is a favorite of our customers and is usually asked for by name when they call in for service work. We enjoy seeing Mike’s bright, smiling face every day around here. He just brings joy to everything he does and is a superb member of our Plant Services, Inc. family.

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Sean Carney

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Sean has over 13 years of specialty contracting experience and has been with PSI for over 10+ years. Sean started in this industry at a very young age, so despite barely being in his 30’s, Sean has collected decades of experience and has earned his right to manage all of PSI’s territory offices. Sean is a life-long Montana native and grew up in the farm fields just outside of Billings right near the PSI corporate office.

Sean has obtained training and certification in just about every service line PSI has to offer. From Leak Sealing to Hot Taps and Line Stops, Sean’s mastery of these services lines is the baseline that provides him the knowledge to lead our offices to provide only the pinnacle of services to our valued customers.

Sean has the unique background in that he apprenticed at PSI while he was in high school. Seeing things literally from the ground up, as well as working his way up with hard work, dedication and a zest for specialty contracting, Sean’s vision for the future of PSI sets us all up for success. Customer service is core to Sean’s beliefs, and he is our cheerleader to our troops that quality customer service is not easy but is worth it every time and is the only service acceptable here at PSI. Give Sean a call and see what he can do for your specialty needs.